PX! Back In Print

UPDATE - This Book will be back in print and ready to ship out by June 2017. A big thank you to all those who helped us get this book reprinted.

This is art for the Kickstarter print. It and the book will be in the store for pre-orders very soon.

For those who know about PX! this is a reprinting of book one to get PX! back in to print (with hardcover!). And for those of you that are asking, "What the hey-horse is PX!???" You can go here and read up on the first chapter.


I can't wait to add PX! to the FishTank Books library!

Y’all ready for this?!?

Follow along with a young girl named Dahlia and her trusty Panda sidekick as she sets off on an journey around the globe to save her missing father, who has been kidnapped by Pollo – an evil goat mastermind bent on taking over the world.

Along the way she’ll meet Weatherby Ian Poppington III, a Victorian secret agent better known as “Double Aught Seven” and Wikkity Jones, a world-class roller-disco skating swordsman (or is it samurai?) whose mysterious motivations are not entirely clear.

Paths will be crossed, alliances will be formed, and ninjas will be punched. Will this unlikely band of misfits be able to stop Pollo in time, or is it already too late for Dahlia’s dad – and the world? Hop on board the Panda Xpress!, y’all! Next stop: Adventure!

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