How far we have come & Looking to the future

So, indulge me a moment as I reflect back on the past 3-4 years. Hoss and Feffer was Spring, '12. And I ran the Kickstarter for Monsterman in the fall of '12. Crazy how times flies. And I would've taken pics of Sam Noir's 6 issues/1 GN and PX! Book One and Two but I don't have these near. (I think they're buried in my upstairs in long boxes) But PX! and Sam Noir were the true start to my current comic path. Thanks to all of the family and friends that have supported me and to all the new friends I've met along the way. It's been quite the journey. And if i have my way there will be 3-4 more books to add to this growing library by the end of 2017. Onward!

Check out the store if you are missing any of these from your collection. Victoria Jr. and the Under Wunderland has arrived and is available in hard and softcover.

Welcome to the Future! It's really cold here, in the future. Er, or is that the frigid morning air. I should probably type inside. I'm here to officially announce that PX! Book One- a girl and her panda will be relaunching (reprinting) through Kickstarter in one month. (First week of January) We've redone the cover, logo and layout of the wrap-around cover too. The main book is staying the same awesomeness as before. But we wanted to add a little something special. We're replacing a few of the back of the book shorts for a brand new short story that will be sure to make fans of the Panda happy. If you're one of the billions, and billions...and billions...and billions of people who've never heard of PX!, feel free to go to our site www.pxcomic.comand check out the first chapter for you to read. Who doesn't like cybernetic pandas, roller-skating swordsmen, dapper gents, and villainous goat??? Who?? I'm asking, you know...for a friend.

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