Welcome to the newest book in the Victoria Jr. Series.

Welcome to the newest book in the Victoria Jr. Series. Victoria Jr. and the Under Wunderland.

This book is an "episode", as I like to call it. The book will be 56 pages in total (50 pages of story) printed in hard and softcover. I call it an episode because I made it as if it was an episode of a show. It's a complete narrative and if you all like this format I have plenty of episodes of Victoria to make in the future. What is Under Wunderland? Victoria Jr. and the Under Wunderland was first created when a local comic artist friend passed away this past summer. I got the idea to mix day of the dead with Alice in Wonderland. Around the same time my eldest son lost his beta fish, named Mr. Love. (he named it) As I reflected on loss and watched by son cry genuine tears for his fish saying that he wished he could watch his fish swim one more time, it struck me that we all wish we could have one more day, one more walk, one more talk with our loved ones. I found myself very quickly developing a story where I could explore that feeling of "one more..." in the world of Victoria. The craziness of Alice and Wonderland mixed with day of the dead just felt right as a stage to create a story about loss. To gently broach the topic of death and loss. And Victoria's pure heart felt just right to look at loss from the most genuine of expressions.

We plan to have this in hand and ready to ship out before December. The art below and more is available only during the campaign. So follow the link and join us in this exciting time.

Page 1 of Victoria Jr. and the Under Wunderland.

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