Lilac City Comicon!

This weekend Saturday May 14th, We were at Lilac City Comicon!

Lilac City Comicon (LCCC) was previously known as Spokane Comicon and I have been at ALL 10 years of this very cool show. It's the best (and only comicon) I go to, currently. This year was the first year we had Victoria Jr. in full effect at the table and it became very obvious that she is a fan favorite. Her cuteness, boldness and fearlessness seemed to inspire people. Her story of adoption as well as the "world of monsters" she lives in seemed to really resonate.

This year was the second best year I've had at the show. We also spent WAY less this time in prep. (The best year was the year we launched Martin Monsterman!)

We sold all of the newest 4 prints we brought and sold 40+ greeting cards. Some people just wanted to collect them.

Numerous times people would walk by, and come by again, and then again later and tell me my art was their favorite of the show. Which is humbling because the show was jam packed with AMAZING artists.

I had a great time meeting people, talking to artists and sharing about what I make, why I make it and what self publishing is like.

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