I can see the finish line.

Today's update will be quick but very full of fun. :) All 76 pages of the Little Prometheus story are colored and ready to letter. That means there are still 36 pages to finish (short stories, fan-art, thank you pages, etc.) and then off to the printer!

I can see the finish line.

And here is a small peek at a page that doesn't spoil anything.

We will be at at Lilac City Comicon this weekend, May 14th. Look for us and say hi. We made 4 new prints for the show. Of the images below we went with A,B,F and ? A surprise! IF, there are any left after the show we will post them on the store for sale.

Also, because I can't stop making art and developing ideas (even in mid production), here is a tease of what I hope will be a palette cleanser comic Kickstarter in the future. I've always wanted to do a quick floppy comic Kickstarter. I hope people enjoy this one. It's a little different than Victoria. (Don't fret tho, my plan is to be back with a new Victoria book after this one)

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