The Fun Part Begins!!!

Today marks the end of the Victoria Jr. presents Little Prometheus Kickstarter. 662 backers helped raise over $24,000. That's so cool. But of course with the closure I must now get busy finishing the book. The fun part. Follow along here or on my facebook page, also check out the store where you can pre-order Little Prometheus and the new Monster Book of Hugs 2: A to Z, as well as some other cool stuff.

Thanks for all the support! I can't wait to see these books in print!

I will leave you with some art from this last week as we were coming to the end of the Kickstarter.

Here is my little hero with some of my favorite female comic characters.

M is for Mommy Monster. :)

Now one of my personal favorites, Sally. A woman who takes life into her hands, drops from windows to sew herself up, and believes in people even when they're off the rocker. I love this little created woman.

The next cool female character that Victoria would totally hangout with is Hermione Granger. The trio was a team and the book is called Harry Potter but there is something special about the curly haired witch.

Death. This book, written and created by Neil Gaiman is one of my first comic experiences with a female "hero". She's less of a hero and more of a strong female comic book character. My initial pull to her was theArtist Chris Bachalo that i loved (and still do) at the time. But upon subsequent readings, I was came to adore this character and the world Gaiman created.

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