Victoria Jr. presents Little Prometheus Kickstarter Update

We officially hit $15,000. How cool is that? Still 10 days to go! I'm excited and it means I get to draw more art and story for you all! This book will now be 112 pages. I'm ready. :) Let's look ahead as we head into the last 10 days of this amazing campaign. The next step is $18k. I will be adding a 12 month calendar. I'm not sure if this motivates people but it inspires me. I can't wait to have them all over my house. :)

There is still time to support this book and get in on all the cool stretch goals.

The next biggie is $20k. I believe we can get here. The Monster Book of Hugs from A to Z. A 48 page softcover inspirational art/alphabet book. Like the first Hug Book this one will be filled with Victoria hanging out with all kinds of monsters (26 of them). There will be a book end short story and I hope it inspires you all the way it does me. I'm pretty pumped for this book.

More art for the Monster book of hugs A to Z

D is for Dryad

Y is for Yuki-onna

I is for Illithid

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