Little Prometheus Update

We launched a Kickstarter to help raise funds to print our newest book Victoria Jr. presents Little Prometheus by Manny Trembley. Victoria embarks on a quest to get the spark of the sun to warm the cold, undead hearts of her family. Everyone deserves fire!

Thanks to all the amazing support shown by over 300 people we've funded and hit the third stretch goal of $12,000 in just over 8 days. This is an exciting time as we watch and see where you our fans take us. When we hit the next stretch goal this book will become 112 pages and will have another short story added to it. The kickstarter will be live and growing through Fri, Feb 12 2016 10:00 AM PST. Please take a few minutes to check it out and see all the cool stuff we have planed.

We are also really hoping to fund the next Monster Book of Hugs A to Z.

Enjoy the tease of art below.

Cover (subjust to change)

J is for Jengu.

F is for Fei Lian.

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