Victoria Jr. presents Little Prometheus

Victoria embarks on a quest to get the spark of the sun to warm the cold, undead hearts of her family. Everyone deserves fire!

What is Victoria Jr. presents Little Prometheus?

Glad you asked. It's my follow-up book to last year's successful Kickstarter, Victoria Jr. Volume One. I'm back and more ready than ever to share the further adventures of this little heroine. As I did with the first campaign I am starting small. I like to start simply and let you, the fans and backers determine the path. The book will start as an 80 page softcover with Little Prometheus being the main story. My goal is $4000 to print the book and get it out to you and retail stores. When we hit that goal, the fun begins. Stretch goals abound! Like the spark of the sun that inspired this book, I hope we can fan the flame of Victoria's journey to create a firestorm of encouragement and inspiration.

What is the book about?

One day on her way to school, Victoria Jr. decides to capture the mythic "Spark of the Sun". This is the same spark that the Greek Titan Prometheus stole to give fire to man. She thought maybe the Spark of the Sun could warm the undead hearts of her father, mother, and her younger brother. This uplifting story of compassion and love comes from my friends and family, who sacrifice themselves for others. Whether it's serving the homeless, making clothes, knitting, cleaning, counseling, or protecting children. I see all around me people who live lives like this. Risking their very selves to warm the hearts of others.

Everyone deserves to feel warm in their heart. Everyone deserves fire.

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