Lilac City Comicon was Amazing!


Any chance to hang out with our people is the best!

There were so many awesome cosplayers and special guests running around as well as a ton of amazing art. It really was a spectacular experience. Thank you to everyone who came to see us: it certainly means an awful lot.

We were lucky enough to take a few photos with great folks at the show, many of whom were wearing truly excellent costumes! This Jawa's glowing eyes were fantastic.

Victoria Jr. made the original Giving Goat as a present for one of her monster friends and we're sharing ours as a way of making new friends and supporting our community. Each Giving Goat is a unique handsewn stuffie lovingly made by one of our brilliant community members and half of what is made from each doll will be donated to Sally's House -- helping children locally here in Spokane.


This family of Iron Folk were a remarkable sight as well. Iron Woman informed me her mom had her helmet, so she kept it casual when we took her picture with Dad. We had a lot of fun.

Meeting fans and comicon goers in general is a marvelous time and we look forward to enjoying again next yet. In the near future we hope to attend more events locally and in the Fall FishTank will be hosting our Victoria Jr. fundraiser for Sally's House with HOPE Worldwide and Salvation Army. Again, we sincerely appreciate each of you and it's a privilage for us to meet you in person. Manny especially loves connecting with everyone and sharing stories as much as he can. Thank you all so much for giving us that opportunity.

Stay tuned for some store and gallery updates in the near future along with upcoming event announcements and a few links to things like our soon-to-be-registered Instagram account. Stay safe everyone. We hope to hang out again soon!

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