Victoria Jr. Update!


We've come a long way already, but we've still got plenty to work on before we can send the material off to print. The first real milestone for us was learning to make buttons: we've created at least ten so far and I'd imagine we'll keep coming up with new designs as we go along. There are also a number of Monster Book of Hugs pages being printed as posters. Eleven, last I counted.

Soon Victoria Jr. and FishTank will be at Lilac City Comicon showing off all our new goodies. That event takes place Saturday, May 30th at the Spokane Convention Center.

The fundraiser for Sally's House is well under way also! The date is set for the first Friday in November, the 6th. That night, the main event will be the art auction, but we're planning to have giveaways and food during the evening as well.

More updates will be headed your way soon. Stay tuned.

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