The complete Victoria Jr. Collection includes 5 book.
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Victoria Jr. Vol.1 (softcover or hardcover) 96 pages full color, dimensions 6" x 9".

Victoria Jr. Volume 1 is a collection of short stories about a bold, confident human girl adopted into a loving family of monsters. Victoria Jr. was named by the Monster, after his creator Victor Frankenstein. Her stories rang from fantastical bedtime stories, meeting and helping create her new brother and her parents wedding.

SRP soft $10 hard $12

Victoria Jr. presents Little Prometheus.(softcover or hardcover)

112 pages in length, dimensions 6" x 9".
One day on her way to school, Victoria Jr. decides to capture the mythic "Spark of the Sun". This is the same spark that the Greek Titan Prometheus stole to give fire to man. She thought maybe the Spark of the Sun could warm the undead hearts of her father, mother, and her younger brother. This uplifting story of compassion and love comes from my friends and family, who sacrifice themselves for others. Whether it's serving the homeless, making clothes, knitting, cleaning, counseling, or protecting children. I see all around me people who live lives like this. Risking their very selves to warm the hearts of others. Everyone deserves to feel warm in their heart. Everyone deserves fire. 

SRP soft $10 hard $12

Victoria Jr. and the Under Wunderland (softcover or hardcover) 

56 pages in length, dimensions 6" x 9".

I got the idea to mix day of the dead with Alice in Wonderland. Around the same time my eldest son lost his beta fish, named Mr. Love. (he named it) As I reflected on loss and watched by son cry genuine tears for his fish saying that he wished he could watch his fish swim one more time, it struck me that we all wish we could have one more day, one more walk, one more talk with our loved ones. I found myself very quickly developing a story where I could explore that feeling of "one more..." in the world of Victoria. The craziness of Alice and Wonderland mixed with day of the dead just felt right as a stage to create a story about loss. To gently broach the topic of death and loss. And Victoria's pure heart felt just right to look at loss from the most genuine of expressions.

SRP soft $9 hard $11
Monster Book of Hugs (softcover or hardcover) 48 pages full color, dimensions 6" x 9".

This is a 48 page full color story/artbook of Victoria hugging and hanging out with assorted monster creatures.

SRP soft $8 hard $10 (As of 10/16/19 we will be substituting a hardcover Hug book for the softcover.)

Monster Book of Hugs 2: A to Z (softcover only) 48 pages full color, dimensions 6" x 9".

The Monster Book of Hugs 2: A to Z is a 48 page softcover story/artbook. It has 26 monster images and is filled with inspiration.

SRP soft $8 

Victoria Jr. 5 book collection

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