Before Victoria Jr. there were but three...

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Martin Monsterman (softcover), 128 pages Full color. Dimensions 6" x 9"

It is the story of poor Martin Monsterman who one day wakes to find himself the recipient of a curse. Each day he receives a notice that explains that he will turn in to a specific monster that day. With the help of his two friends he must search the world for a way to reverse this daily, punctual curse. Martin Monsterman is an “adventure-monster-comedy” that is appropriate for all ages.
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UNDER WHERE? (softcover), 112 pages in length. Dimensions 6" x 9"
Under Where? is a new, all-ages graphic novel that centers around two, young, super-powered heroes from two feuding families. This book is for people who want to have fun reading a story in which heroes of all ages battle against evil and negative stereotypes while embracing the tropes and traditions that have made superhero comics so appealing to people both young and old for decades!

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RGB (hardcover), 50 pages Full color. Dimensions 8"x 8"

This is a wordless graphic novel that follows three characters: Red, Green and Blue -- on their journey through life. This book is about living our lives, facing loss, and choosing to love. There are no words for a reason. Loss comes in many forms and the story of life, loss and love crosses all languages. This story was developed after our family experienced the heart breaking loss of a child (miscarriage). It is a wonderful expresson of finding love, experiencing greif, and choosing to love again.

SRP $15
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The Trembley Collection

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